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Fyrebird Pre-Mixed Pouring Acrylic //

Product Information

Fyrebird Pre-mixed Pouring Acrylic is ideal for the novice artist just starting acrylic pouring or those simply wanting the convenience of a pre-mixed pouring paint. It has been formulated to the correct pouring ratio using Fyrebird Pouring Medium and a good, student quality acrylic paint.

It has undergone strenuous workplace tests, and is used extensively in all Fyrebird pouring workshops, in order to ensure excellent results.

Ideal consistency for pouring, only add a little water if required.

A wide range of colours are available in both standard and metallic.

Sizes available:

100ml bottle - Standard        PRICE:   R60

100ml bottle - Metallic           PRICE:   R80

250ml bottle - Black/white    PRICE:   R120

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