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Your painting can look a bit dull once dry. By varnishing with a water-based gloss you brighten the colours and protect your painting. Fyrebird Gloss Varnish is a non yellowing, clear water-based varnish. It can be used to protect artwork against water, mild abrasion and enhance colour. It is milky in colour but dries to a clear finish. It is low odour and quick drying.


  • Wait at least 2 weeks to ensure your painting is completely cured.

  • Remove silicone residual by dusting the painting with flour, maizena or baby powder. Leave for 10 minutes, then lightly dust off. Wipe over the surface with a damp cloth to remove excess powder.

  • Decant a little varnish into a clean container. Apply with a good quality brush. Allow to dry before applying second coat.

Sizes available:

250ml bottle         PRICE:    R70



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